Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello from The Rainbow Bridge!
This is my first post from The Rainbow Bridge post! I think I will also call this The Rainbow Bridge post and not just PRETTY FANCY!
Be that as it may!

This is just a pretty little rainbow at the end of the cul de sac! This pretty rainbow is not really very fancy at all!

This is just some picture of some fancy moss! This fancy moss is more fancy than pretty on the count that this fancy moss is dressed up in pine leaves! This fancy moss is also very green! By the way!

Here is a picture of pretty Piper! Piper is new to the cul de sac! Piper has fancy brindle strips! So I guess you could say that pretty Piper is both pretty and fancy! In case you were wondering!

Here is a picture of pretty fancy Piper's left side of her head! She is so pretty!

Here is a pretty picture of pretty fancy Piper by a fancy waterfall!

This is only a picture of pretty fancy Piper and Luna making out! Pretty fancy Piper and Luna make out pretty often! And I do not just mean that they make out a lot but pretty fancy Piper and Luna make out pretty much all the time.

This is just a pretty fancy picture of moi in the pretty fancy pink necklace that you may remember that Grandma Granny pants bought then brought to me some time ago!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The mountains of Arkansas' Boston Mountains that are not from Boston, at all!

Here is some thing on a twig bush! It was snowing sometimes! By the way!

Here I am up in the clouds! It was sleeting on sometimes! Though!

Here is Luna! Luna will not stop moving hardly at all!

Here I am walking on a sand stone! With mosses and some lichens! Also with a plum tree! Plum trees smell eau de terrific! Just in case you were sometimes wondering about how a plum tree smelled!

Here I am getting a little and a tad bit warm! I really need to tie up my tassles!

Here I am with my tassles tied up! I got cooler!

Here is Luna trying to sit on a sand stone and my pedi!

Sometimes a gal such as moiself has got to get her hands dirty in Arkansas' Boston Mountains that are not even from Boston!

By the way!


Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is my new galpal and kind of and sort of, bff, Angelina Bontempi! Angelina just stopped in for the evening for a good time! A good time we had! Angelina is one of those kind of wild gals we often and sometimes see rummaging around through the trash from time to time in the cul de sac!

After sitting for some time chewing the fat and chit chatting about matters whose knows what, and judging by Angelina's rather, ahem, wild appearance, I decided it to be my moral responsibility to bring Angelina's appearance up to the level of an appearance befitting a wild gal, such as Angelina, rummaging through trash cans and compost piles and stuff and eating who knows what and stinking and smelling and slobbering and carousing at the end of the cul de sac! After a short bit of seduction on the part of moi, I set to work on this poor wretched creature before me! I am not above this sort of thing mind you...the seduction part! Mind you! Not that any of this stuff is any of my business @all whatosoever in the least bit! Be that as it may, I do believe a nice little mannie would go a long way for what must be a snail's belly height of self esteem!

Angelina was a bit and a tad tender and just shy of a lot of grumpy after what I surmized to be her first mannie! Suffice it to say, I believed it to be best to cease and desist all mannie activities such @a time of my choosing judging by the look on this wretched souls sour puss!

Maybe if Angelina stops by again during her carousing and rummaging, I will work on loafaing that tail! Heavens to betsy! And quite frankly, betweeeen you and I, I do believe that Angelina to be a teensy-weensy low on the old enchephalization quotient!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Even though this day today is the day Thursday, and not Monday past, I have decided to make today's day Thursday blog post last Monday's day blog post since all of this stuff herein happened on the day of week, Monday past and not on today's day which is the day Thursday! I hope this is clear! It should be very clear after I made it all very apparent and concise and to the point by keeping out any extraneous words and phrases and extra nonsense and such that would otherwise clutter up and confuse for you very simple circumstance that is occuring all the time in space and in time in this universe that we are in and on the Earth Planet that we are on top of, and not in like the universe, unless of course you are in a basement or cave or something like that!

Now that I got all of that business over with! This is my new bff galpal Ruby! Ruby is here for a short visit!

Ruby, being a gal such as me myself, decided it would be a lovely and fantastic Monday thing to do to go out to Jason's Field Of Dreams for a brisk stroll, to enliven our spirits, discover curiosities, chit chat and hopefully come back home with a more than usual healthy glow! To be quite frank, what a great way to get away from the boys! The boys in particular in this instance being Billy and, ahem, Luna!

And also, just in case it is not obvious and clear in the photo above, Ruby is kind of and a tad bit short! This business of Ruby being short is no business of mine! I do not know if it is Ruby's legs that make her short or if it is her body in and of it's ownself but she is short nonetheless and allthemore, Ruby is not pink at all whatsoever which has nothing to do with the lack of pink stuff in my blog postings as of late! Anyway, this business of Ruby having either short legs or a short body or heavens forbid both short legs and a short body,!, which is of course no business of mine, caused yours truly, a tad and a bit of worry on the account that I do recall and believe from the last time me and Billy were out there @ Jason's Field Of Dreams, The Felton's Farm Hands had not mowed the grasses down to a reasonable stature in height! That being said and shown, and being that business of Ruby having short legs, which in case you may have forgot, is absolutely no business of mine, I was quite frankly, fairly concerned that Ruby's undertheneaths would rub and scrap on the grasses way too much for her liking! I decided to keep this concern of mine to myownself just as I prefer to keep the fact that Ruby has short legs and a short body @ the same time to myownself!

Just as we were headed out the door with our parasols and various accoutrements, who should barge his big old boy butt into affairs but Luna! Luna did not even have the decency or manners or morals or scruples or wit, and not to mention, wisdom to ask if he could accompany, or heavens forbid, escort us gals out to and at Jason's Field Of Dreams! The unmitagated gall is a blog posting that is probably and without a doubt best saved for another blog post! Suffice it to say Ruby and I endured the insult of having this man-child with us! Anyway, back to our day! My plan for the day was to show Ruby as much as Jason's Field Of Dreams as I could, even all the way back to the Far Away Woods! Quite a trek for a gal such as Ruby with her accompanying short legs and, ahem, still up to debate, short body! Luna could care less about the height of the grass so I will not even mention it at all!

What are me and my new galpal Ruby looking at right here?!

Me and Ruby are looking at the vastness expansiveness of Jason's Field Of Dreams and the pot of gold that will be waiting that in the Way Far Away Woods! You go gal!

As I was talking about earlier, you know, the business of Ruby's shortness, which is definately due to the fact that the poor gal has short legs and @ the very same time, has a short body! Well, since The Felton's Farm Hands have indeed and factually mowed Jason's Field Of Dreams since me and Billy's last visit, my fears of Ruby rubbing her undertheneath were not even actually at all realized! My new galpal Ruby has got grit! We were travelling into a headwind all the way to The Way Far Away Woods too! In case I forgot to mention it!

Me and Ruby decided to stop and enjoy the view by taking a load off and setting the load on our duffs! Here, right here, Ruby is taking a load off her legs and onto her duff! @ This particular moment in time, Luna was off somewhere doing whointheworldknowswhat! Or cares for that matters!

And then before I would knew it Ruby was off heading to the Way Far Away Woods! Fierce! That pot of gold is nearing closer!

Almost, but not quite immediately, after we took a load off out legs and onto our duffs, I decided to stand here next to this weed and tree and brush island! I guess you get to see some pinkstuff like my mouth and necklace, I am sorry that you cannot see my pretty pink nail polish that Grandma Granny Pants bought then brought over to me! Some other time perhaps!

If anyone out there should care what me and Ruby's RUBY MONDAY ON THURSDAY! A SHORT VISIT!'s interloper Luna was up to at around the time of me standing next to that weed and tree and brush island where I showed my pink mouth and pretty pink necklace, look!

Thanks to the Felton's Farm Hands and, ahem, short legs not withstanding, and a short pass of time after having to look at Luna, we gals finally made it all the way to the Far Away Woods! Right here me and Ruby are parousing the periphery of the Far Away Woods!

Ruby gal decided to try to find the pot of gold in the Far And Away Woods right here and she entered the Far And Away Woods right here!

Let's face it! Sometimes the pot of gold is a little bit and just a tad hint underrated! If I do say so myself!

Thanks for keeping the home fires burning Billy!

TTFN Ruby!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is Bluesy Bluebird Mamma! You can see Bluesy Bluebird Mamma if you look real good in the middle of all that green stuff! Bluesy Bluebird Mamma brings back good wholesome foodstuffs for her little baby kids! Bluesy Bluebird Mamma's baby kids live in a little brown house! Those little Baby Kids of Bluesy Bluebird Mamma, must be blue just like Bluesy Bluebird Mamma! I am just going to go ahead and assume they are blue just like Bluesy Bluebird Mamma on the count that they are probably Bluesy Bluebird Mamma's very own kids and not adopted or anything like that! They could be though! You never know! You cannot tell by looking at someone that might or might not be adopted, unless of course they are Artsy Aardvark Mammas living with Rolly Polly baby kids or somebody silly like that! Imagine! Aardvarks in that little brown house! Highly harebrained! I would say! You would probably say to if you wanted to!

It just so happened that I, Melody(!) got to see one of Bluesy Bluebird Mamma's baby kids in this little brown house! Look at this baby kid! I wonder if this baby kid of Blusey Bluebird Mamma's is scared of heights?! I hope not!

Just because Bluesy Bluebird Mamma's little Baby Kids are blue, does not mean that they are sad! I think that those little baby kids that are just a little blue, are very happy! Happy to have a sweet mom like Bluesy Bluebird Mamma, who brings them good wholesome foodstuffs and a nice little brown house that faces the morning sun! The sun would make them happy, not blue! I do not think that the warm sun would make them get a sun tan though! At least I would think that it would be highly unlikely! I cannot be sure though! They do have feathery feather, so I would think that those feathers would make sun tan tanning a hard thing to do! Do not you?! I bet you do! Or maybe not! I really do not have enough time right now at this particular time to think about this kind of stuff right now!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here I am just kind of standing in the water!

Here is Tonka just kind of walking in the water some! Tonka is hot I think! Not hot, like hot, but hot like he is hot!

Here is Luna! Not Lluna like Lluna, but Luna like Luna! This is Luna swimming by the way, if this was not apparently evident and obvious just in case you were wondering! It is not kind of, by the way, Luna is very much swimming!

Here I am kind of running in the morning dew and mist! Billy is just kind of standing there doing nothing at all whatsoever particular!

It was kind of fun! I guess!